About Us

Solar Unsoiled was born out of research at Duke University. Our founders were studying impacts of air pollution beyond human health, and found an overlooked but significant impact of air pollution on solar energy production. Our CEO Michael Valerino focused his PhD on the science of soiling, with a broader goal of developing solutions that could be applied in industry and advance the global drive towards renewable energy. Solar Unsoiled leverages the latest advancements in soiling research on an easy to use software platform.

Meet the Team

  • Mike Valerino, PhD Solar Unsoiled

    Mike Valerino, PhD

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Leading soiling expert, making soiling research accessible to the industry.

  • Alexandra Rivera Solar Unsoiled

    Alexandra Rivera

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Expert in translating scientific analysis into usable software.

  • Mike Bergin, PhD Solar Unsoiled

    Mike Bergin, PhD

    Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

    Expert in air pollution, remote sensing, and data networks.

  • Drew Shindell, PhD Solar Unsoiled

    Drew Shindell, PhD

    Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

    World-recognized climate modeling expert with >70k citations of his work.

  • Harold Nyikal Solar Unsoiled

    Harold Nyikal

    Technical Advisor

    Software engineer & leader with 16 years of experience at top software companies.

  • Josh Miller Solar Unsoiled

    Josh Miller

    Business & Technical Advisor

    A 2x entrepreneur with an exit in the geospatial tech space and experience in starting and growing SaaS companies.