Maximize solar PV performance,
reclaim lost profit

Soiling is a leading cause of degraded solar photovoltaic performance, limiting revenue and profit for utility and commercial assets. Solar Unsoiled is the first AI-powered monitoring solution that enables profit-maximal mitigation of soiling.

Solar Unsoiled Optimized Cleanings Increase Profit for Solar

20MW site in the US Southeast with mild soiling impacts, $60 per MWh, 15% margins.

Capacity Monitored
1.5+ GW
Annual Profit Increase per MW
$1,000 - $4,000

Solar Unsoiled serves 4 customer segments in the energy industry

Solar Unsoiled serves energy asset owners

Energy Asset Owners

  • Maximize profit across your fleet
  • Increase ROI on your assets
Solar Unsoiled serves O&M service providers

O&M Service Providers

  • Reduce the risk of missing performance guarantees
  • Avoid unnecessary truck rolls with improved certainty of other site losses
  • Save your engineers and technicians time on data analysis and IV curve tracing
Solar Unsoiled serves solar cleaning companies

Solar Cleaning Companies

  • Simplify job planning logistics by proactively scheduling your cleanings
  • Quantify cleaning efficiency
Solar Unsoiled serves solar EPCs

Solar EPCs

  • Provide soiling loss analysis when commissioning a site
  • Implement an alternative method to costly IV-curve tracing

How we maximize your returns on solar energy generation

Operational Analytics

Continuously monitor your site's performance

We use machine learning to isolate soiling losses from operational data, and give you an up to date view of performance trends.

Solar Unsoiled Operational Analytics


Cheaper and faster alternative to IV-curve tracing

We provide technicians a handheld microscope with a digital camera to measure soiling in 5 minutes while on site for other O&M. This proprietary method is accurate to within ± 1.3% soiling loss.

Solar Unsoiled Microscopy

Predictive Modeling

Plan for future soiling, specific to each site

We combine your historical performance data with local climate and atmospheric conditions from NASA's global climate model to build site-specific models of future soiling losses.

Solar Unsoiled Predictive Soiling Model

ROI-Optimized Maintenance Schedules

Forecast, prioritize, and budget for future cleanings years in advance

We factor in your PPAs and cleaning costs to maximize profit across your entire fleet with the most cost-effective cleaning schedules.

Solar Unsoiled Optimized Soiling Mitigation Platform

What our customers are saying...

“The Solar Unsoiled application helped me identify and prioritize the sites that require washing with an understanding of financial losses and expected payback on the washing maintenance. This helped avoid countless hours of discussions over financial justification. We were able to budget the expenses and schedule our crews nearly three full quarters in advance.”

Dustin Wambeke

Sr. Director of O&M Technical Services at Cypress Creek Renewables

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